Koko Crater Trail

Leading up to my trip I had heard TONS about this hike in Oahu, therefore despite the furiously windy and rainy conditions, we gave it a hesitant go anyway. I’m sure the view from the top is far more rewarding when there aren’t any moody clouds in the way. Took about 30-35min from parking lot to summit, but another 45 for us to get down. Adding in the stop at the top, our round trip from the parking lot took 1h 40m.

Fun fact: apparently wild chickens are ALL OVER THE PLACE on Honolulu, and you can hear the roosters calling constantly, especially if you start your hike before daybreak, like we did.

Would love to go back and try this hike again when the conditions are drier, so it wouldn’t be so worrisome on the descent next time. Trail runners + wet sand + slippery wood = I only ended up doing ONE full split on the downhill, but one was enough for me.

This hike is NOT for anyone who is either afraid of heights or generally unsteady on their feet.