What up Internet?

I’m Katy, and whether I’m on the road for business or for myself, I’m there a lot. Katy Went There (innovative name, I know) was established in early 2018 to help me keep track of all the ‘been there done that and ate it too’ moments of my travels.

Why? Because I grew tired of Yelp’s telling me that Starbucks, Dunkin’ and McDonald’s were coffee shops. Countless hours spent in hotel rooms trying to find trendy local spots that I don’t already have at home. I like Thrillist’s style, but their site only covers larger metro areas. Not gonna help in the middle of Mississippi.

Many people enjoy the thrill of search & discovery, others simply don’t have the time or patience to weed through a bunch of BS on the internet to find a cool spot where you can kill a few hours. I’m the former so you can be the latter.

The content strategy for Katy Went There is to keep it as minimal as possible: where I went, what I did/ate, a handful of photos of the place (along with gratuitous selfies). Maybe a blurb if I’m feeling wordy.



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